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Emma Klingenberg is an award-winning actress and singer, born 1982 in Jakobstad, Finland.

She graduated from the musical theatre program at the Theatre Academy in Gothenburg in 2005. Since then she has performed on professional stages in both Finland and Sweden.

Emma is probably best known to the audience in Finland as Maja in the critically acclaimed musical “Stormskärs Maja”. The play opened in September 2015 at Åbo Svenska Teater where it played to full houses until May 2016.

We have seen her in spoken dramas, concerts, film, TV, and in musicals in both Sweden and Finland as, among others, Anne Egermann in "A Little Night Music", Sugar in "Some Like it Hot", Lilla My in “Kungen i Mumindalen”, Irina in the musical play " Det hjärta man har", Maria in “The Sound of Music”, Stina in the TV series “Fanny”, Karin in the short film “Den dödes bror”, Petra in the short film “Tredje dejten”, and Judith in the oratorio “Ingvar ‒ en musikalisk möbelsaga”. She has also toured with her own productions, and she is in great demand as a soloist in different kinds of musical productions.

Furthermore, Emma has a vast experience of performing in concerts. She has performed solo with, among others, Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Åbo filharmoniker, Göteborgsmusiken, Vantaan Viihdeorkesteri, and Borås symfonietta.

In 2010, she was awarded the Erna Tauro grant, and in 2003, she received the Jenny Spennert award.

You can find her complete CV (in Swedish) here:




Emma does Edith Piaf!


It is finally official! Emma will be playing the role of Edith Piaf in “I Regret Nothing”.

In the autumn of 2017, Åbo Svenska Teater will stage the musical play “PIAF ‒ jag ångrar ingenting” on the main stage. The story is written by Peter Snickars, and the production is directed by Jukka Aaltonen. The show depicts Edith Piaf as a strong-willed woman. She came from a poor family, but she went all in for her singing and became a star. The price of success was high. Piaf neglected both friendship and love, and she abandoned many people for the sake of her career. In the show, the dying Piaf scrutinizes her life—what was left? The audience will hear many of Edith Piaf’s unforgettable chansons, such as “Non, je ne regrette rien”, “Milord”, “Hymne à l’amour” and “Sous le ciel de Paris”.

On stage we will also see the Åbo Svenska Teater ensemble with conductor Marko Autio. Sarah Nedergård is the understudy for the leading role. The choreography is created by Eeva Soini and Lassi Sairela, the set design by Markus Tsokkinen, who is also responsible for the costume design together with Heidi Tsokkinen.

Tickets for the show “PIAF ‒ jag ångrar ingenting” will be released in February 2017.





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INGVAR! at Svenska teatern in Helsinki!


Until 19 April 2017 we can see Emma in the critically acclaimed musical INGVAR. Find out more on the theatre’s homepage!

“Ingvar ‒ en musikalisk möbelsaga” is a contemporary satire which at the same time affectionately honours and satirizes the Swedish self-image as well as Ingvar Kamprad’s lifework IKEA. Nine singing actresses and musicians deliver an action-filled and good-humoured show. The play pokes fun at people and things left, right and centre in the Land of Moderation. The Swedish Law of Jante, the folk music, the folk dance, Pippi, Nobel, and the red cottages are all jeered at.

by Erik Gedeon and Klas Abrahamsson

Director: Erik Gedeon

Set and Costume Designer: Ulrich Frommhold

Lighting Designer: Tom Kumlin

Sound Designer: Andreas “Stanley” Lönnquist

Make-up and Hair Designer: Pirjo Ristola

On stage: Max Forsman, Marcus Groth, Anna Hultin, Simon Häger, Niklas Häggblom, Emma Klingenberg, Amanda Löfman, Veera Railio (musician), Henrik Wikström (musician)


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r e c o r d !


Emma sings on the soundtrack of the TV series “Lola upside down”. The music is composed by Peter Hägerstrand and was published by the French record label Milan Records together with the opening of the show in December 2016.

One of the songs is a remastered version of the song “Öde Ö”.




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“Tredje dejten” travels around the world!


Emma plays the leading role as Petra in “The third date”, a short film produced by the production company Parad. Watch the trailer here!

Director: Herman Karlsson. The film premiered on YLE in December 2015.

The film had its international premiere at the HA! film festival in May 2016. In October, it was screened at the San José International Short Film Festival, where it won the Honorable Mention/Audience Award! At the October film festival in Vaasa, it became the audience favourite of the year. Soon it will be shown to the Romanian audience at the Comedy Cluj International Film Festival. Furthermore, the viewing rights have been sold to Japan!

“Viktor Idman and Emma Klingenberg deliver their lines with ease and altogether naturally in a disarming way. Why don’t we see more of them on the silver screen? In full-length movies?” YLE/Silja Sahlgren Fodstad


Said about Emma:


About “Helt på ytan, en enbrudsshow” 2006

”Her voice reflects the story, it is mature and warm, rich and feminine or light and girlish, sensual, dramatic ‒ it expresses all types of feelings.”

/ Vasabladet, Karin Sandqvist


About “Sommarnattens leende” 2005

“She has charisma, a vivid acting style and a voice that fills the room”

/ Expressen, Lasse Råde


About “Stormskärs Maja” 2015

“Emma Klingenberg shines. Her acting is at the same time powerful and fragile, tough and vulnerable, not just technically excellent but also emotionally charged. She is skinless, energetic and intense in a way that makes time and space disappear.”

/ YLE, Tomas Jansson


About "Stormskärs Maja" 2015

“Emma Klingenberg is confident in her acting, but, above all, she possesses a fantastic voice that carries over land and sea.”

/ HBL, Isabella Rothberg